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Legal Name: Tacloban Ultrasteel Corporation

SEC Registration Number: ASO94-003281

TACLOBAN ULTRASTEEL CORPORATION has been considered as one of the largest provider of home building and construction materials, and the first Do-It-Yourself(DIY) Shop in Tacloban City. The Company has been in the Tacloban market since 1996. It started with its first branch-Avenida Branch located in the downtown area of the city. After four years the Utap Branch commenced operations, the company sought to widen its coverage, so as to better provide the homebuilding needs of the Leyteños and Samarnons. In 2007, the Real Branch, which is situated within the vicinity of residences also commenced operations, it was originally the Tacloban Solidsteel Enterprises a sister company of the Ultrasteel. However, on November 8, 2013, when the Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) hit Tacloban City, it consumed almost all business in Tacloban, including the three branches of Ultrasteel.

Despite the fall down, the Lord God is still gracious to us, Ultrasteel was able to resume its business operations at its Main Branch at Brgy. 110 Utap in January 2014, and up-to-date the company is focused on strengthening its services towards its clients.

Through the years, the company has committed itself to serve the region with affordable, quality, and innovative hardware construction materials and thus, improve the quality of life of the people it touches.

The company envisions to possess the market dominance in Leyte and Samar as the first choice “One-Stop Shop”  homebuilding and construction materials, which provides customer valued solutions with best prices, top quality products and services.

Ultrasteel adheres and devotes itself to the following principles, to wit:

  • Customer Focused, Teamwork, Ownership, Passion for Execution, Respect, and Integrity.

To sustain a leading position in the industry, Ultrasteel aspires to provide the industry with convenient and most efficient shopping experience with competitive prices, excellent product values, and valuable solutions to the market, and complement it with unsurpassed customer service by maintaining motivated and knowledgeable workforce.

Since 1996 we have taken a positive approach to the challenges that social responsibility presents and have developed solutions that not only address our environment and social impacts but also add value to our business and its reputation.


  • Provide an honest and fairest, sales transaction for every Filipino Customer and the best after-sales service in the industry. We try our very best to give what every Filipino consumer desires when buying construction supplies. And to give our customers confidence that the environmental and social issues associated with the products they buy from us are properly managed.
  • To continue to build active partnerships with our suppliers to develop more sustainable supply chains for all the products we sell.
  • To ensure that all our wood products come either from a proven, well-managed forest.
  • To ensure that the products we sell do not adversely affect the health of our customers or staff or that of their environment.
  • To treat both employees and customers with dignity and respect, and to value diversity and utilize the differences people bring to the business.
  • To ensure that everyone involved in our supply chains benefits from trading with us.